Friday, October 18, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Friday October 18 2019

Scheer in N.S., promises carbon tax will be history by January if he gets majority

Is the 2019 election Canada's 'nastiest' ever? Not by a long shot

Federal NDP and Greens trade barbs on Vancouver Island

Bloc Quebecois poised to make gains on election day: polls

Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh first to respond to Premier Dwight Ball

Election day is on Monday. Here’s what you need to know about voting

John Tory sees ‘shortcomings’ in Andrew Scheer’s policies for cities

NDP Brampton-Centre candidate apologizes for offensive tweet from 2012

Andrew Scheer says he should be PM if Conservatives win the most seats. It’s not that simple

Trudeau sidesteps questions about Obama, pleads for progressive votes in Quebec

Scheer promising carbon tax will be history by January if he gets majority

Liberals defend Chines

Scheer says Trudeau and the Liberals want to decriminalize drugs. Is that true?

Elections Canada creates 'mega-polling station' for Manitoba storm evacuees

Canada needs an infrastructure overhaul. Can any federal party get it done?

Bloc Québécois leader calls on feds to let exiled Catalan leader enter Canada

Scheer says 'modern convention' means Trudeau must quit if he doesn't win the most seats

American 2020 Election News Friday October 18 2019

Trump praised Erdogan for a cease-fire in Syria that Turkey says is 'not a cease-fire'

Presidential candidate Joe Biden makes plan for campaign stop in North Carolina

White House: US military aid to Ukraine held up in part over election probe

Trump unhappy with Mulvaney's press briefing in which he acknowledged quid pro quo, source says

President Donald Trump Lashes Out At Democrats During Dallas ‘Keep America Great’ Rally

Trump imagines easier 2020 win by popular vote

Trump accuses Biden of 'quid pro quo' hours after Mulvaney remarks

Trump blasts 'crazy' Nancy Pelosi, Democrats at raucous Dallas rally

Lindsey Graham to President Trump: `I will hold you accountable' on Turkey's actions in Syria

Trump slams 'very dumb' O'Rourke for proposals on guns, tax exempt status for churches

US picks Trump resort for G-7; critics call choice ‘brazen’

Trump defends Middle East policy, says Islamic State is under control

Trump 'celebrating undoing a problem he created'

Biden Lays Out Foreign Policy Strategy in Rebuke of Trump