Thursday, February 28, 2019

American 2020 Election News Thursday February 28 2019

Senator Sanders urges FDA to allow older versions of $375K drug

Klobuchar Defends Her Record On Regulating Medical Devices

Bernie Sanders’s former media strategists split from his 2020 presidential campaign

It's not sexist to question Amy Klobuchar's management style

As Biden weighs 2020 bid, Democrats ask: 'Does he meet the moment?'

Michael Cohen 'fears Trump will not allow peaceful transition' if he loses 2020 election

2020 Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Support Marijuana Legalization Bill

Kansas Senate race splits wide open without Pompeo

NH Primary Source: What would be “The Biden Factor” in NH Democratic first-in-nation primary race?

Trump Steered $150,000 From a Ukrainian Oligarch to His Personal Foundation, Michael Cohen Says

NH Primary Source: O’Brien becomes first Republican to confirm exploring challenge to Shaheen

NH Primary Source: Beto O’Rourke fan excited about prospect of a presidential run

NH Primary Source: NHGOP gears up for big fundraiser featuring Lara Trump

NH Primary Source: State Democratic Party challenges voter residency law in federal court

NH Primary Source: NH House passes bill allowing Sanders to file for primary without controversy

2020 Democrats Talk Reparations

NH Primary Source: Weld camp sees good news in recent Emerson College poll

NH Primary Source: Poll shows Sanders with slight lead, several Dems would beat Trump

NH Primary Source: Hypothetical Sununu-Shaheen matchup dead heat

Washington Gov. Inslee bolsters political team with eye on 2020

Kamala Harris' big question mark

D.C. attorney general subpoenas Trump’s inaugural committee

Washington Gov. Inslee likely to announce presidential run soon

Sanders’ first 2020 campaign rally will be in Brooklyn

Beto O’Rourke says he has ‘made a decision about how we can best serve our country’

Federal Judge Orders Texas Not To Remove Voters After Botched List

While Waiting On Beto O’Rourke, Other Democrats Eye Taking On GOP Sen. John Cornyn

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

American 2020 Election News Tuesday February 12 2019

Beto O'Rourke clashes with Trump over border wall in dueling events

The 2020 Democratic announcements, ranked

Rashida Tlaib wrote column for Louis Farrakhan publication in 2006

Senator Cory Booker talks 2020 with Rachel Tuesday, 2/11 9pm ET

Klobuchar: 'Our country has to stand as a beacon of democracy'

Klobuchar on staff mistreatment reports: I have high expectations

Klobuchar campaign launch emphasizes Democrats' Midwest momentum

Eric Swalwell leans on Iowa as he eyes 2020 bid

Trump Just Stole Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign Slogan, And People Have Noticed

Former Attorney General Eric Holder Close To 2020 Decision As He Heads To Iowa

Trump objects to measure ending U.S. support for Saudis in Yemen war

Trump says Warren should focus 'more on her heritage' than investigating his businesses

Trump: People saying wall hasn't made difference in El Paso are 'full of crap'

Buttigieg on Trump: 'I'm a gay man from Indiana, I know how to deal with a bully'

Trump: Democrats want criminals in the US

Klobuchar will not take corporate PAC money for presidential campaign

Harris fires back at critics over her black heritage: 'I'm proud of being black'

GOP senators offer praise for Klobuchar: 'She’s the whole package'

Booker calls for 'honest conversations' on blackface controversies

Rep. Moulton says he may run for president

Meet Pete Buttigieg, the young, gay veteran and Midwest mayor who wants to take on Trump in 2020

Governor Hogan responds to calls for 2020 bid

Delaney opens campaign office in NH

Swalwell: 'I don't think we can have a nominee that didn't do well in NH'

Delaney says NH voters have shared concerns about opioid crisis, jobs

Will Bernie Sanders run for president again?

Democratic Senators across U.S. explore presidential runs

Warren says her campaign will focus on helping average Americans succeed

Gillibrand says creating economic opportunity for next generation is top priority

Some Republicans discussing primary challenge to President Trump

Mayors could enter Democratic presidential primary campaign

Presidential campaign makes history with unprecedented number of women running

Meet Marianne Williamson, spiritual guru, friend of Oprah Winfrey and 2020 presidential candidate

If Howard Schultz wins in 2020, would he be a good president?

President hopeful Cory Booker attends South Carolina Rise Tour at Morris College

President Donald Trump, Beto O’Rourke To Hold Competing, Simultaneous Rallies In El Paso

Kamala Harris Says She Has Smoked Pot And Supports Marijuana Legalization

Kamala Harris' evolution on marijuana

Iowa Democrats announce sweeping changes to 2020 caucus process

Trump kicks off 2020 campaign season amid shutdown negotiations

Kamala Harris supported 2008 San Francisco policy that reported arrested undocumented juveniles to ICE

Trump's racist Elizabeth Warren taunts have entered a new phase

CNN to host Amy Klobuchar at 2020 town hall

Harris takes on questions about her 'blackness'

Chris Christie: Trump should 'keep the closest eye' on Biden, Schultz run 'will guarantee' re-election

Trump club employed undocumented workers for years: WaPo

Rep. Moulton 'Thinking About' 2020 White House Run

De Blasio heads to New Hampshire as he contemplates run for president

Sen. Klobuchar responds to reports of mistreating staff

Monday, February 11, 2019

American 2020 Election News Monday February 11 2019

Sen. Amy Klobuchar launches 2020 presidential campaign

Elizabeth Warren Says President Trump May Not Be ‘Free’ In 2020

Will Bernie run? 2020 decision could come soon

Can love and unity beat Trump in 2020? Cory Booker wants to find out

Buttigieg: Green New Deal resolution 'the right beginning'

Trump pokes fun at Klobuchar's climate-change stance as she announces candidacy in snow

Amy Klobuchar joins 2020 Democratic field, promising to win back Midwest voters from Trump in snowy speech

Elizabeth Warren should be disbarred for claiming 'American Indian' race on official document, Cheney says

Democratic candidate Buttigieg says Trump's attack on socialism 'was powerful when he was coming to age'

CNN poll: Most Democrats say bring on Biden

Trump defends work ethic after private schedules leak

El Paso bristles at Trump's claim that wall made city safe

Klobuchar dismisses reports she's a tough boss

Trump Inaugural Committee ordered to turn over documents to investigators

Trump to rally for border wall in El Paso, Texas on Monday

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz considers independent run for president in 2020

Trump’s Bedminster resort employed dozens of undocumented workers, Washington Post reports

Trump appears to joke about Trail of Tears in tweet about Elizabeth Warren

Trump, Beto prepare to hold duelling rallies in El Paso

Fmr. Amb. To NATO: Trump is the weakest president in 70 years

2020 hopeful Gillibrand immerses herself in early voting SC

Liberals eye 2020 takeover of Wisconsin Supreme Court

Amid Election Scrutiny, Dixville Notch’s Midnight Voting Tradition Could Be At Risk

2020 Democrats search for California whisperers

Cory Booker Woos Iowans With ‘Love’-Heavy Brand Of Progressive Patriotism

Amy Klobuchar Responds To Reports Of Mistreating Staff: ‘I Can Be Tough’

Klobuchar hits back at Trump: 'Looking forward to debating you about climate change'

Klobuchar says she will kick off campaign in Wisconsin, alludes to 2016 controversy

Gillibrand becomes latest candidate scrutinized for how she eats on campaign trail

Sherrod Brown says Cory Booker sounds ‘like me’ in campaign pitch

Democratic White House hopeful hits Medicare for all as 'bad opening offer'

Democratic 2020 hopeful blasts GOP for 'fiscal hypocrisy'

Friday, February 08, 2019

Thursday, February 07, 2019

American 2020 Election News Thursday February 7 2019

As Mueller probe winds down, House Trump investigation powers up

Why we shouldn't underestimate Joe Biden

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: 'I am not a tribal citizen'

Trump lashes out at incoming House investigations

2020 Dems see danger in the Mueller probe

Biden mounts Capitol Hill charm offensive ahead of 2020 decision

NH Primary Source: Sanders close to decision on second presidential run

NH Primary Source: Weld plans to return to NH for second time, after revealing 2020 plans

NH Primary Source: Pete Buttigieg to make first campaign visit to NH next week

NH Primary Source: Hickenlooper, considering presidential run, to make two-day NH swing

Democrats With Gubernatorial Experience May Launch Presidential Bids

NH Primary Source: Warren to return to NH with ‘verdict out’ on effect of heritage controversy

NH Primary Source: Shurtleff has heard from several candidates, but not old friend Biden – yet

NH Primary Source: State’s top Beto backer optimistic after Oprah interview

NH Primary Source: NHGOP paying much attention to state Sen. Dan Feltes

Rep. Joe Kennedy III rules out 2020 bid, but encourages 'big, broad field'

Trump emerges as an unexpected champion in the White House for evangelicals

Democrats go bold on economic plans, a deliberate contrast to 2016

Warren struggles to move past Native American heritage flap

Senator Cory Booker announces details of SC visit

CNN to host town hall with Howard Schultz

Elizabeth Warren's Native American problem just got even worse

‘Draft Beto’ grassroots effort urges Texas Democrat to jump into presidential race

Rep. Tim Ryan, who once challenged Pelosi, mulling 2020 presidential bid

Trump now says he wants more legal immigration

Democrats launch new probe of Trump's finances, Russia ties

Pelosi says Trump 'threats' have no place in Congress

Gov Inslee: Howard Schultz will only give us 4 more years of Trump

Closely watched Democrats tease 2020 announcements

Analysis: Trump bets re-election on immigration, socialism

Native American voting rights proposal passes state Senate

Beto O'Rourke Talks Migrant Separation Policy With Oprah

2020 Democrats storm California for cash

Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s Mistreatment Of Staff Scared Off Candidates To Manage Her Presidential Bid

Senator Warren struggles to quiet criticism of her heritage claims

Senate buzz grows for Abrams after speech electrifies Dems

Voters support higher taxes and Medicare for all. So, in 2020, expect Trump to talk about ‘late-term’ abortion

Trump Calls Widening House Probe 'Presidential Harassment'

How Sen. Amy Klobuchar Distinguishes Herself From Other Democratic Presidential Hopefuls

Elections officials to hand federal investigators data on hundreds of NC voters

Stacey Abrams’s Speech Stirs Questions About Presidential Run

Flipping Texas Would Be Tall Task, Even If Beto O'Rourke Is Democratic Presidential Nominee

Gabbard pushes back on Assad criticisms: ‘We heard attacks from warmongers' before

California voters split on Harris presidential run: poll

Mitch Landrieu on 2020 run: ‘I don't think I'm going to do it’

Trump to hold first rally of 2019 in El Paso

Christie: New Jersey would be 'incredibly lucky’ if wife ran for Congress

Nebraska state senators file ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana

Sen. Elizabeth Warren apologizes for describing herself as 'American Indian' on bar card

Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen's testimony to Congress postponed again

State of the Union: Gillibrand uses viral eye roll clip to raise money for presidential bid

Trump calls for an end to investigations of his administration

Trump attacks Mueller probe in State of the Union address: 'Ridiculous, partisan investigations'

How Howard Schultz Created a Personality Cult at Starbucks

Gabbard refuses to say if Assad is a U.S. adversary

Presidential hopeful Cory Booker says he already knows Iowa well

Beto O’Rourke teases run as 2020 Democrats develop messaging

What a Beto 2020 run could mean for President Trump

Canadian 2019 Federal Election News Thursday February 7 2019

Canada's pending accessibility law comes off as the Liberals just fulfilling an election promise

Scott Brison bids farewell to House of Commons, announces resignation date

B.C. political parties collect too much personal information, report says

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, fellow B.C. byelection candidates face fiery debate

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

American 2020 Election News Wednesday February 6 2019

Mitch McConnell Attacks The Volunteer Backbone Of Elections

Trump's challengers sat as close to him as possible at State of the Union

The Note: Elizabeth Warren battles her own words

Schultz's toxic investments: For-profit college, tax shelter for the rich

House Intelligence Committee expected to send Russia probe transcripts to Mueller

Sen. Amy Klobuchar says she'll unveil 2020 decision on Sunday

Trump's 2020 Democratic rivals pounce to criticize State of the Union speech

Analysis: Wary of probes, Trump aims at 2020 with Dem offer

Was Donald Trump's inauguration fraught with fraud?: Today's talker

Trump shifts from insurgent to incumbent with 2020 in mind

Read the president's entire State of the Union address

Elizabeth Warren called herself 'American Indian' on ID card: report

Federal prosecutors subpoena Trump inaugural records

Maryland Board of Public Works to vote on hiring new firm to manage Maryland's election data

2020 contenders take aim at Trump with SOTU guests

Democrats Have Had It With Allegations Of Voter Fraud

Beto O’Rourke to Make 2020 Decision by End of February

Cory Booker’s State of the Union Guest Will Be a Former Prisoner Released Under Bipartisan Criminal Justice Reform

Texas’ election chief denies mistakes over noncitizen list

Trump's Inaugural Committee Says It Intends To Cooperate With Federal Prosecutors

State: 83,000 voters in Florida didn’t cast a valid ballot

Elizabeth Warren is still worth millions, presidential financial disclosure shows

The New Era is Coming: Here’s What Every Major 2020 US Presidential Candidate Says about Crypto

Presidential Candidate Sen. Cory Booker Confirms He’s Dating Someone: ‘I Got a Boo’

Cory Booker says his bachelor status pales in comparison to Trump's personal life

Poll: More than half will definitely vote against Trump

Trump campaign takes steps to prevent a challenge within GOP

Klobuchar to headline Dem banquet in Iowa amid 2020 speculation

Elizabeth Warren Disclosure Forms Show $300,000 Book Advance, Other Assets

Elections Officials to Investigate Whether California DMV Voter Registration Errors Changed Outcome of Races

Tulsi Gabbard denounces David Duke, rejects his endorsement

Tracking President Trump's visits to Trump properties

Can candidates define the national conversation for 2020 amid the chaos?

In White House bid, Harris plans tour of early-voting states

Cory Booker schooled by Kavanaugh replacement pick after question on ‘LGBTQ law clerks’

No Sign Midterms Were Affected by Foreign Government Meddling, Trump Administration Says

White House: Hysteria over Trump presidency spurred subpoena

Ex-Gov. Weld Back in the GOP as He Mulls Trump Challenge

Howard Schultz plans Thursday policy speech as he mulls White House run

Democratic former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper to host birthday fundraiser in New York as he mulls running for president in 2020

Among 2020 Democrats, a debate over 'Medicare-for-all'

Polling Places May Need To Open Before Election Day In California

Harris to deliver prebuttal ahead of Trump's State of the Union

Gov. Wolf’s First 2nd-Term Budget Address Focuses On Education, New Voting Machines

Howard Schultz’s own polling undermines case for his candidacy

Texas: civil rights groups sue to stop 'unlawful purge' of thousands of voters

Obama Inauguration CEO: Trump Inauguration 'recipe for corruption'

Mitch McConnell wants Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to ‘think about’ running for Senate in Kansas

Elizabeth Warren apologizes for identifying as Native American

2020 Democrats Align With Trump on Syria and Afghanistan

Sunday, February 03, 2019

American 2020 Election News Monday February 4 2019

Presidential candidate Cory Booker staffs up in NH with three seasoned operatives

Trump campaign takes steps to prevent a challenge within GOP

Howard Schultz may run for president, and some folks are steaming mad about it

Colorado Voters Weigh In On Trump's Insistence On A Border Wall

41% of American voters approve of the job the president is doing. 56% disapprove

Poll: Democrats have reason to fret Schultz

2020 presidential rollouts diverse as the candidates

A new age guru is running for president? That’s 2019 in a nutshell

Trump’s State of the Union pledge: Ending HIV transmissions by 2030

Democrat candidates pitch taxing super wealthy as key 2020 promise

Campaign 2020: Vote By Mail Ballots Go Out In A Year

Congress: Collins, others debate hourslong election lines in Georgia

Trump has enjoyed 300 hours of 'executive time' since midterms – report

Elizabeth Warren to host organizing event in Dover on Saturday after announcing for president

Democratic contenders hoping to run on soaking the rich

Cory Booker becomes latest Democrat to declare his candidacy for 2020

Trump says Pompeo not leaving Cabinet for Senate race

Harry Reid calls Elizabeth Warren a 'good person,' but refuses to endorse her for president

Terry McAuliffe: ‘I’d Like To’ Run For President In 2020

US Sen. Warren: Ban US first strike nuclear weapons option

Howard Dean invokes 'fake news' in Clinton 2016 coverage

Sherrod Brown calls Trump 'a racist' amid scandal of Northam yearbook photo

NC Extra: Check In on the 2020 Race

Elizabeth Warren to host organizing event in Dover on Saturday after announcing for president

2020 Democrats Agree: They’re Very, Very Sorry

Dem 2020 hopeful Buttigieg defends White House bid: 'It's a leap for anybody'

Deutsche Bank Denied Trump Loan During 2016 Campaign, NYT Says

2020 Contenders call for Northam’s Resignation

Here's how 2020 Democrats announced their campaigns

Donald Trump should welcome Howard Schultz — and his anti-Trump voters — into 2020 race