Friday, April 26, 2019

American 2020 Election News Friday April 26 2019

Trump criticizes 2020 Democratic candidates

Joe Biden launches 2020 presidential bid with attack on Trump over Charlottesville riots

Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of 'destroying the lives' of his campaign staffers

Trump: claim of Obama wiretapping based 'on a little bit of a hunch'

Trump has privately expressed concern to advisers that Biden could beat him: report

Biden's claim he didn't want Obama to endorse triggers mockery

2020 Democrats pressed for detailed policies and priorities by women of color

Biden in 2020 primary; Trump wins if Democrats destroy each other

Trump’s Biden insults fueled by belief he can win

Eric Swalwell: Trump leading like a Russian authoritative figure

Sanders more electable than Biden, according to Dem primaries

Biden's attacks on Romney for his 2012 warning about Russia resurface

Ex-Bernie Sanders Press Secretary Joins Biden’s Campaign As Senior Adviser

Bernie Sanders' appeal to women of color falls flat with She the People questioner

Trump falsely claims he never tried to fire Mueller

How Joe Biden fared in two previous White House bids

'Conversation with the Candidate' with Seth Moulton: Online exclusive

Charlottesville Activists Don’t Want Joe Biden To Use City As A Campaign ‘Prop’

Joe Biden's very odd endorsement strategy

Biden asked Obama not to endorse him for 2020 run

George H.W. Bush grandson considering run for his grandfather's former Congress seat

NH voters react to Biden announcement

Biden earns endorsement from former Gov. Lynch as launches presidential bid

Democrat Seth Moulton says he’s unafraid to address ‘what it means to be a patriot’

Biden's Deep Chicago Connections Carry Him Into 2020 Race