Friday, September 27, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Friday September 27 2019

Trudeau, Scheer use populism, corruption to vilify on campaign trail

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau makes campaign stop in Barrie

Maxime Bernier stands by Ontario PPC candidate who published racist, transphobic tweets

Elizabeth May says Greens wouldn’t prop up minority government that supports pipelines

Maxime Bernier talks pipelines, equalization during Calgary campaign stop

Elections Canada using different method to count First Nations voters after 2015 ballot shortages

Liberals are filling in the blanks on their climate plan as they contrast their plans with the Conservatives’

Green party platform receives failing grade from former budget officer

Liberals getting hammered in Ontario's 905 region: Nanos survey

Green Party would transition Canada to carbon-free electricity, cancel pipelines

Liberals vow to protect 25% of Canada’s ocean waters and land by 2025

Andrew Scheer pledges judicial inquiry into SNC-Lavalin affair and easier police access to cabinet secrets

Conservatives promise to open up a judicial inquiry into SNC-Lavalin affair

Liberals cling to shrinking minority government after Trudeau blackface scandal: seat projections

Here’s what Trudeau, Scheer, May and Singh have promised so far on climate change

American 2020 Election News Friday September 27 2019

President Trump raises $13M after Pelosi announces impeachment inquiry

White House Aims for Historic Low in Refugee Resettlement

NH Primary Source: The Rauhs, longtime prominent NH Democratic activists, endorse Buttigieg

Harris: Trump 'sounds like a criminal' with comments about whistleblower

Biden accuses Trump of trying to 'hijack' 2020 election with foreign help

Biden looks to Ukraine flap to jolt his 2020 presidential campaign

Kamala Harris Calls For Probe Into State Dept. Officials Working With Giuliani

How Trump’s obsession with Clinton’s emails could come back to bite him now he has his own server issues

Joe Biden’s Top 2020 Democratic Rivals Avoid Rush To Defend Him

Trump: Person who helped whistleblower is ‘close to a spy’

Cory Booker pushes to stay in race, while keeping eye on impeachment inquiry

Kamala Harris says Trump ‘no better than any other dictator’

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Wednesday September 25 2019

Trudeau calls Singh to discuss blackface photos

McKenna's office blocked Greta Thunberg-inspired activists on Twitter by 'mistake': campaign

Trudeau promises to hit ‘net zero’ emissions by 2050, but refuses to detail specifics moving forward

Scandal-free NDP seeks lift-off in Manitoba

Federal leaders invoke Greta Thunberg to sell their own climate change plans

Federal promises, provincial jurisdiction: voter beware

Housing debt could climb as election campaigns targets first-time home buyers

Trudeau confirms that the Liberals are not looking to decriminalize drugs

Jagmeet Singh says he would ‘stand up’ to Brian Pallister if elected prime minister

Ousted candidate Guillet claims Liberals have double standard over past conduct

NDP's Jagmeet Singh pledges $15B for green jobs, fight against 'crisis of epic proportion'

Trudeau says entering politics, father’s death changed perspective on blackface

Liberals promise tax break for green tech companies, net-zero emissions by 2050

Bloc Quebecois leader stops in eastern Ontario to express francophone solidarity

Liberals, Conservatives offer duelling tax plans in battle over middle-class voters

Trudeau's big — and underfunded — health care promises

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh to campaign for first time in Burnaby South

Why Andrew Scheer's campaign platform sounds so ... familiar

Andrew Scheer calls appointment of Syrian consul in Montreal ‘outrageous’

Ousted Liberal candidate Hassan Guillet to run as Independent in Montreal riding

Liberals and NDP still looking for Sask. candidates in southeast despite looming election

'Unacceptable': Freeland responds to appointment of honorary Syrian consul who supports Assad

American 2020 Election News Wednesday September 25 2019

Trump Administration Threatens to Cut U.S. Highway Funds From California

Warren announces expansion of presidential campaign

Joe Walsh, Bill Weld swing at Trump in first GOP primary debate

Bernie Sanders Makes Appearance at Chicago Teachers Union Rally Tuesday

House, Senate Leaders React Along Party Lines to Impeachment Inquiry

White House Plans To Give Ukraine Whistleblower Complaint To Congress: Reports

Impeachment process: How will this work

Sanders campaign unveils endorsements from 85 Iowa union workers

Trump greets impeachment inquiry with confidence, irritation

House begins Trump impeachment inquiry over call to Ukraine leader

Biden Backs Impeachment If Trump Ignores Document Requests

Two of Trump's Republican challengers support impeachment effort

Trump's ‘transcript’ of Ukraine call unlikely to be verbatim

WH to release document showing intel community watchdog found whistleblower had 'political bias'

Trump Is Already Using The Impeachment Inquiry To Fundraise For 2020

Biden misses Baltimore fundraiser due to crash near namesake Delaware welcome center

Trump confirms he withheld military aid from Ukraine before pressing Zelensky to probe Biden

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Tuesday September 24 2019

NDP puts forward 3rd candidate for federal riding of Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo

Conservatives promise $20-million national money-laundering inquiry, cite housing affordability

Ontario premiers past and present become political targets in federal campaign

NDP leader lands in New Brunswick, says he's sorry for not visiting sooner

Party leaders questioned on whether Maxime Bernier should be invited to debates

Election promise to help maxed-out renters buy a home gets mixed reviews

Jagmeet Singh hopes to change Quebecers' views on religious symbols

Scheer stress test 'fix' welcomed by housing sector, but impact to high household debt a concern

Justin Trudeau slams Doug Ford as he lays out ‘down payment’ for pharmacare and better health services

Liberals promise improved access to family doctors, mental health care and prescription drugs

Trudeau’s apology for blackface photos seems to be readily accepted in Quebec

Green Party leader visiting Charlottetown Monday

Maxime Bernier says addressing Indigenous water issues a 'first priority' if elected

Tory plan to ease mortgage stress-test rules may increase debt, raise prices

Quebec should have power over Ottawa in refugee settlement: Bloc Quebecois leader

Election analysis: Will brownface photos knock out the Liberals?

American 2020 Election News Tuesday September 24 2019

US Democrats Announce Tighter Criteria for Fifth Presidential Debate

Trump mocks Romney with video contrasting their presidential bids

GOP, Trump launch campus effort to register, mobilize voters

Trump's personal lawyer says he can't say '100 per cent' that president did not withhold aid to Ukraine to force Biden investigation

Impeachment pressure escalates as Democrats demand release of whistleblower's Trump complaint

Trump tries to make America relevant again to the U.N.

Dems’ Challenge: Impeaching Trump Without Riling Up His Base

In Trump's Ukraine flap, risks and opportunities for Biden

Biden wages war on Hunter-Ukraine reporting

GOP challenger Bill Weld: Trump committed treason and 'the penalty for treason ... is death'

Trump: I’d win Nobel if it was awarded ‘fairly’

Monday, September 23, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Monday September 23 2019

Calgary Mayor Nenshi writes op-ed about Trudeau instances of racist makeup

Liberals promise tax break for middle class, cuts to cellphone bills

Local federal candidates sparring over issues in town hall meeting

Blair says federal handgun ban not on table for Liberals because of responsible handgun owners

Scheer promises to create reliable veterans' pension system, clear assistance backlog

Despite Trudeau doing brownface, Singh hasn't ruled out working with Liberals in minority scenario

NDP vows to boost natural disaster mitigation fund by $2.5B

Scheer promises to clear backlog of veterans waiting to receive benefits

Singh, NDP face daunting odds in bid for votes in Quebec

Liberals, Conservatives tied for support in wake of Trudeau blackface scandal, poll finds

Federal leaders make new promises on taxes, veterans and climate change

American 2020 Election News Monday September 23 2019

Trump doubles down on call to investigate Biden after whistleblower complaint: 'That's the real story'

Trump’s Hold on Military Aid Blindsided Top Ukrainian Officials

Biden’s Work in Ukraine: What we know

Trump campaign pessimistic about winning Michigan again

Omar: Biden not the candidate to 'tackle a lot of the systematic challenges that we have'

Trump visits 2 key states with leaders of India, Australia

Trump admits he discussed Biden in call with Ukrainian president

Biden, Warren face same challenge in Iowa: keeping momentum

Pete Buttigieg: Trump is not an aberration, no going back to 'an old normal'

Joe Biden releases statement on whistleblower controversy: 'clear-cut corruption'

O’Rourke to visit OSU this week

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris trails in California

Trump says he’ll consider releasing transcript of call with Ukraine leader

Friday, September 20, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Friday September 20 2019

NDP's dental plan seen as smart policy - but some costs are uncertain

Federal NDP leader addresses hate and racism during Hamilton campaign stop

Trudeau to face audience questions at Saskatoon town hall

Trudeau's brownface, blackface photos draw mixed reactions from Canadians

Scheer’s same-sex marriage remarks resurface amid Trudeau scandal

Justin Trudeau’s blackface scandal sparks calls for ‘national reckoning’ on racism

Trudeau kicks-off his national tour of regret

Federal candidates make pitches to B.C. First Nations at AFN meeting

'I know him in a completely different way': Liberal candidates on Trudeau's racist photos

Singh tries to keep NDP on message amid anger over Trudeau’s ‘blackface’ images

American 2020 Election News Friday September 20 2019

Presidential candidate Joe Biden shares personal story, addresses misstatements

Beto O'Rourke Visits Oakland Pot Dispensary

Trump: San Francisco to get environmental violation for homelessness

Presidential Candidates Talk Climate Change With USC Students

Elizabeth Warren’s Rivals Start to Turn on Her

Trump says gun bill negotiations going 'very slowly'

Trump campaign gets victory on California tax return law

Trump Got ‘Played’ By Benjamin Netanyahu And Israeli Officials, Says Rex Tillerson

Yang predicts Trump's nickname for him

'Conversation with the Candidate' with Beto O'Rourke: Online exclusive

Trump sues Manhattan prosecutor to block subpoenas for tax returns, his latest effort to halt investigations into his finances

O’Rourke keeps focus on gun control in conversation with NH voters

Buttigieg unveils 'Medicare for All Who Want It' plan

Trump denies secret whistleblower complaint over call with foreign leader

Sanders touts fundraising milestone, hitting 1 million individual donors

Beto O’Rourke Rolls Out Plan to Legalize Marijuana

Buttigieg calls Warren ‘extremely evasive’ on health taxes

2020 Democrats shift strategies as leadoff caucus nears

Election security funds passed by Senate seen as welcome first step

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Thursday September 19 2019

Trump's promise to foreign leader prompts whistleblower complaint – report

Justin Trudeau Campaign Hit With 'Brownface' Photo

‘We’re in it for all of you,’ Scheer tells Etobicoke crowd — with no Doug Ford in sight

'Insulting,' 'shocking,' troubling:' Party leaders react to photo of Trudeau in brownface

Trudeau's brownface mistake could cost him in B.C. swing ridings, expert says

NDP acting fiscally responsible by not offering dental care to all at once: taxpayers federation

'It’s all false': People’s Party candidate Steven Fletcher denies allegation he took voter data

'I'm pissed off at myself': Trudeau apologizes for wearing brownface in 2001

'I shouldn't have done it,' Trudeau says of brownface photo

Former Liberal MP Raj Grewal who left caucus over gambling addiction not running again

Green Party says its 'inadvertent' disclosure of voters' personal info 'not a serious issue'

Liberals changed relationship with premiers, but then things changed again

NDP promises free dental care for households making under $70K starting in 2020

Trudeau tries to head off Liberal-Green split during campaign stop in Fredericton

Federal Green Party pledges investment in sustainable mining

Trudeau promises more financial supports for seniors — but no independent accounting

American 2020 Election News Thursday September 19 2019

Trump calls new border wall a ‘world-class security system’

Andrew Yang: No apologies for the Asian jokes

Trump Makes His Mark on Signature Border Wall Project

Trump to withdraw FEMA chief nominee: report

Trump administration rejects California request for homeless funds

Trump and California go to war over clean cars

Trump Promotes False Video Attempting to Show Rep. Ilhan Omar Celebrating 9/11 Anniversary

Kamala Harris bets it all on Iowa to break freefall

Pentagon Says Visits to Trump's Scotland Resort Cost Nearly $200,000

Bernie Sanders' campaign confirms another early-voting state staff shake-up

Senator Amy Klobuchar Stops In Pittsburgh As Part Of Three-State Swing

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Wednesday September 18 2019

Jagmeet Singh’s ‘baby fever’ and the NDP photo op requested by a Conservative

Mulroney warns parties they’ll 'pay the price' if they ignore environment in their campaigns

Bernier talks controversial party values on NB campaign stop

Conservatives forced to delete tweet alleging Trudeau under RCMP investigation

People's Party of Canada gets local, federal recognition boost

Liberals pledge to boost Canada Child Benefit, remove tax from maternity leave

Will the Conservatives rediscover their past dominance in B.C.?

People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier ‘thrilled’ to be included in leaders’ debates

Green Party gaining support in the Maritimes: poll

Green Party removes training videos that showed voters' personal information

Fact check: Trudeau released child care record with inaccuracies, half-truths

Quebec presents wish list for federal leaders as MNAs return

Singh asks commissioner to rethink decision to allow Bernier to join election debates

Conservatives accuse Liberals of keeping Canadians in dark on cost of promises

Grits, Tories both promise to make parental leave tax-free. Who has the better offer?

Doug Ford says he's too busy with governing to campaign for Scheer

Trudeau praises Island work ethic in wake of Dorian

NDP's Singh seeks urban support with housing billions, avoids deficit questions

Scheer's proposed tax cut isn't 'universal' — but it would save money for many Canadians

NDP, Greens pledge to improve access to health care and surgeries for transgender people

6 B.C. ridings believed to have some of the worst rental affordability in Canada

Scheer here, says he's focused on toppling Trudeau government

New analysis puts rental housing affordability at the forefront of the federal election campaign

Scheer vows to boost federal contributions to Registered Education Savings Plans

Federal government ran $14 billion deficit in 2018-19

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May visits Waterloo Region

American 2020 Election News Wednesday September 18 2019

Voter suppression, misinformation, manipulation still threats to election security

‘Impeachment' hearings begin

Sanders and Biden battle over health care for union workers as UAW strikes

Trump’s Beverly Hills Fundraiser Hosted by Real Estate Magnate Geoffrey Palmer

Trump dismisses NYT explanation on Kavanaugh correction

Trump says homeless people are living in 'our best highways' and building entrances and people have told him they want to 'leave the country' over it

Beto O'Rourke Visits LA's Skid Row

Trump fires back at Graham over Iran criticism

Exclusive: Pence rebuffs Solomon Islands PM after nation cuts ties with Taiwan

Trump campaign aims to use immigration, trade to win Hispanic vote in 2020

GOP struggles with retirement wave

Sherrod Brown says Trump’s a ‘fearful man’ for his silence on gun control

Trump has named more ex-lobbyists to Cabinet in 3 years than Obama, Bush did in full terms: report

2020 candidates keep fitness on track while on the trail

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Tuesday September 17 2019

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer holds rally in Calgary Skyview

Justin Trudeau visits London elementary school

Braid: With Scheer, Canada's unspoken line is shifting

Fournier: Party leaders are putting the focus on the volatile Quebec voters

Federal parties being warned of efforts by 6 foreign countries to influence election: sources

New voting rules for Canadians living abroad

Truth Tracker: Do the Liberals plan to raise the capital gains tax?

Trudeau promises more before-school and after-school program spaces

Andrew Scheer pitches sports, arts tax credits for kids' activities

People's Party Leader Maxime Bernier to participate in commission debates

Liberals to change badly translated French campaign song, ‘Une main haute’

Trudeau to make campaign stop on P.E.I. Tuesday

American 2020 Election News Tuesday September 17 2019

'Probably not' - Trump rules out North Korea visit for now

Trump praises Kavanaugh as a 'great, brilliant man,' blasts NYT over 'smear' report at rally

Trump on Hispanic Advisory Council member Steve Cortes: 'He looks more like a WASP than I do'

Harris: Trump White House choreographed 'sham' Kavanaugh hearing

Trump says Iran appears to be culprit for Saudi oil attacks

Trump says U.S. does not need Middle East oil, but cargoes keep coming

Trump rallies in blue New Mexico, aiming to broaden his base

Trump and Bahraini Crown Prince talk oil and Iran

Beto O’Rourke And Pete Buttigieg Clash Over Mandatory Gun Buybacks

Elizabeth Warren Honors Working Women Killed In 1911 Fire During NYC Rally

Trump spurns Dems on universal background checks

Andrew Yang wants to give families money and 450,000 signed up to take part in the rollout

Elizabeth Warren outlines her campaign's anti-corruption plan

Monday, September 16, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Monday September 16 2019

Liberals dig up offensive social media posts by Conservatives as Scheer campaigns in B.C.

Jagmeet Singh wanted to ‘show an openness’ to Quebec with ad displaying him without a turban

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer promises tax cut at campaign stop in Surrey

Federal party leaders address gun violence after weekend shooting near Toronto

Justin Trudeau courts voters in battleground ridings of southern Ontario

The NDP leader hoping to build on Jack Layton's 2011 orange wave

Federal parties work overtime to unseat Wilson-Raybould in Vancouver GranvilleFederal parties work overtime to unseat Wilson-Raybould in Vancouver Granville

Bernier on Greta Thunberg, immigration and more in wide-ranging interview

Federal party leaders pressured by Vancouver Mayor to address OD crisis

Scheer's costly tax credit could boost public transit use, but likely not by much

Scheer will stand by candidates with racist, homophobic past comments as long as they apologize

American 2020 Election News Monday September 16 2019

North Korea leader Kim invited Trump to Pyongyang in new letter: report

Joe Biden delivers speech on race in America during visit at 16th Street Baptist Church

Trump: US 'locked and loaded' following Saudi attacks

Bernie Sanders shakes up campaign leadership in New Hampshire

Some critics compare Beto O'Rourke's gun ban to what they call a 'failed' buyback program in Australia

Biden on Racism: Whites 'Can Never Fully Understand'

Rep. Kevin McCarthy predicts Sen. Elizabeth Warren will be the 2020 Democratic nominee

Trump Must Not Give Israel a Blank Check in the Middle East

Democrats call for Kavanaugh impeachment over new sexual misconduct claims

Trump denies reports he's willing to meet with Iran with 'no conditions'

Trump defends Kavanaugh as 2020 Democrats call for his removal

Trump to attend Modi Houston rally, Ohio visit with Morrison

Trump to meet with India, Australia leaders in U.S. next week

Sanders campaign makes leadership change in New Hampshire

Top Democrats tell Trump gun bill must include universal background checks

Former VP Joe Biden Makes Campaign Stop at Little Havana Club During Run for Democratic Presidential Nomination

Beto O'Rourke wants action on guns, regardless of political cost

Gov. Mark Sanford: Republican Party Lost its Way

Friday, September 13, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Friday September 13 2019

As Trudeau skips first debate, May and Singh take aim at Scheer

Lethbridge candidates hit the federal election campaign trail

Trudeau delivers stump speech to supporters in Edmonton

Duceppe: Quebec's Bill 21 will be a 'hell of a problem' for leaders

Nenshi says federal parties shouldn't take Calgary for granted, despite its voting record

Scheer, Singh and May take aim at Trudeau for skipping first leaders' debate

Federal parties pledge action on money laundering, a likely election issue in B.C.

Winnipeg Conservative candidate steps down due to 'discriminatory' social media posts

As Tories, NDP, Greens debate, Trudeau accused of ducking record

Was Trudeau right when he said his government’s SNC-Lavalin waiver was ‘unprecedented’?

Liberals still nominating candidates across much of southern Alberta

Canadian realtors push for eased mortgage rules ahead of election

Why Justin Trudeau can't afford to write off Alberta

Jody Wilson-Raybould was interviewed by RCMP this week

Green Party candidate out of the race after anti-Muslim social media post surfaces

Scheer’s parental benefit pledge would cost $1B a year, according to Parliamentary Budget Office

Scheer pressed on abortion debate on campaign trail

Two NDP candidates resign at start of federal campaign

Liberals get new campaign plane after collision with media bus

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau announces help for housing while rivals prepare for Thursday night debate

Liberals promise to expand program for first-time homebuyers

Scheer says Tories want to make it harder for gang members to get bail

Scheer accuses Liberals of using abortion to distract from SNC-Lavalin scandal

American 2020 Election News Friday September 13 2019

Presidential candidates face off in third debate

Beto O’Rourke: ‘Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15'

Biden: 'Nobody should be in jail for a nonviolent crime'

Trump Visits 'Rodent Infested Mess' Baltimore

Protesters greet Trump in Baltimore after critical tweets

Julián Castro pokes at Joe Biden’s memory in contentious health care debate

Biden clashes with Warren, Sanders on healthcare in Democratic 2020 debate

Elizabeth Warren asked how she would she would deal with immigration

Biden mocks Sanders: ‘For a socialist, you've got a lot more confidence in corporate America than I do’

Andrew Yang reveals his debate surprise – $1,000 a month for 10 more families

Biden praises Beto for El Paso

Trump rolls back Obama-era water protections

Elizabeth Warren Proposes Boosting Social Security by Hiking Taxes on the Rich

Castro lands low blows on Biden, says he’s not ‘fulfilling' Obama legacy and mocks his memory

Trump mocks Democratic candidates as they spar at third debate

Castro: El Paso killer wanted to 'kill people who look like me'

Trump Administration Puts Tough New Asylum Rule Into Effect

Marianne Williamson: ‘Fox News Is Nicer To Me Than The Lefties Are’

Klobuchar knocks ‘Medicare-for-all’: ‘While Bernie wrote the bill, I read the bill’

Kamala Harris takes on President Trump in opening statement

Biden mistakenly refers to Sanders as 'the president' during debate

Trump says he will unveil 'middle-income' tax plan in 2020

Trump offers no more clarity on what gun control policies he would support

'Conversation with the Candidate' with Joe Biden: Online exclusive

Trump opens protected Alaskan Arctic refuge to oil drillers

Trump favors 'whole deal' with China, two sides prepare for trade talks

Beto O’Rourke Talks Tough On Guns. But He Didn’t Step Up To Oppose An NRA Champion.

Trump vows to protect 2nd Amendment after gun briefing

Biden addresses misstatements, shares personal story with NH voters

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Thursday September 12 2019

'Renewed' Bloc Quebecois launches nationalist, Quebec-only election campaign

Saskatchewan’s ridings to watch in 2019 federal election

Justin Trudeau launching federal election campaign in Vancouver

Election 2019: Four ridings to watch in southern Alberta

Canada election: 5 economic issues to watch for this campaign

Justin Trudeau to campaign in Edmonton Thursday

Scheer's middle-class roots make him 'perfect foil' to Justin Trudeau for Tories

NDP turfs B.C. candidate ahead of election call

Conservatives enter 40-day federal campaign flush with cash, focused on Quebec

Scheer, Trudeau duel over report of feds blocking RCMP on SNC-Lavalin inquiry

Calgary candidates hit the campaign trail as Trudeau launches election

Liberals push vision as a work-in-progress as they ask Canadians for 4 more years

Greens shooting for official party status as party kicks off campaign

Canadian federal campaign officially underway, voters head to polls on Oct. 21

Leaders grapple with questions on ethics, values on Day 1 of campaign

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh hosts town hall in London

Liberals, Conservatives start campaign tied — but one party could have the edge

American 2020 Election News Thursday September 12 2019

Trump agrees to 2-week delay in China tariff increase

Supreme Court allows Trump to deny asylum to many Central Americans

Trump Administration wants to ban flavored E-cigarettes

Republican Dan Bishop wins narrow victory in North Carolina special election

Presidential candidate Tom Steyer campaigns during Midlands visit

Trump Says He Could Ease Sanctions if Iran Wants to Talk

White House: Trump isn't planning to reduce capital gains taxes 'at this time'

Trump denies asking Mulvaney to pressure federal agency on hurricane claims

Poll: Biden down 5 points, while Warren edges past Sanders

Michael Cohen cooperating in probe into whether Trump Organization falsified records

Trump says Bolton didn't get along with team

Haake: Biden team might be warning Warren about attacking him in debate

Trump to stop in Baltimore weeks after denigrating city

Does Mayor Pete have an “Obama path” to beating Trump?

Trump Demands Fed Drop Rates To Zero. That Would Save Him $8 Million A Year.

Trump-critic Sasse gets president’s endorsement

President Trump Has 'Encouraging' Call With Bipartisan Senate Negotiators On Gun Control

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Wednesday September 11 2019

Green Party leader calls for safe drug supply across Canada

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh brings his party’s message to Hamilton

NDP touts its proposed ‘super wealth tax’ on eve of the election campaign

PPC Leader Maxime Bernier defends immigration polices at pre-campaign event in London

Green Party’s Pierre Nantel calls for Quebec independence

Canada’s abortion issue gets renewed attention ahead of federal election

Maxime Bernier faces new challenger in Beauce riding: Maxime Bernier

Green candidates say they don't remember past anti-abortion comments

Dozens of MPs' websites can track visitors for targeted campaign ads

New federal Arctic policy includes focus on health, environment, infrastructure

Trudeau to launch federal election on Wednesday

American 2020 Election News Wednesday September 11 2019

Pete Buttigieg Teases United For Seating Him Near Amy Klobuchar

Controversial Trump aide John Bolton exits WH knocking Trump

Trump extends national emergency on foreign election interference

Trump tests political capital in last-minute North Carolina election push

New polls: Trump’s approval rating slipping

Trump Administration Plans Homeless Sweeps in SF: Report

John Bolton joins a long (long) list of Trump national security team departures

GOP candidate projected to win in North Carolina's 3rd District as votes are tallied in state's other closely watched race

Trump Issues New, Revised Order to Counter Terrorism

In Senate redraw, lottery machine picks district maps at random

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Tuesday September 10 2019

Quebec, Ontario first targets in launch of Conservative election campaign

Mike Smyth: Trudeau may duck some debates during campaign

Greens’ leader urges other parties to boycott French debate that excludes her

Green Party won't ban members from trying to reopen abortion debate, says May

The Conservatives and NDP aren't waiting for the writ, campaign's on

AFN chief unveils First Nations election priorities, stresses need to ‘maintain momentum’

Scheer to launch Conservative campaign Wednesday

Justin Trudeau: the rise and fall of a political brand

Scheer's Conservatives target Bloc Québécois votes to make gains in Quebec

Why the TVA debate is one Justin Trudeau can't afford to miss

American 2020 Election News Tuesday September 10 2019

Trump rallies support for Republican in North Carolina special election, with eye on 2020

Trump’s proposed Taliban peace talks at Camp David

Trump defends lightbulb efficiency rollback: ' I look better under an incandescent light'

Some State GOP Parties Are Canceling Their Primaries. Here's Why It May Not Protect President Trump

NH Primary Source: Harris receives endorsement of New Hampshire African American leader Davis

NH Primary Source: Environmental activist, 4-term state Rep. Backus endorses Booker for president

Trump says peace talks with Taliban are now ‘dead’

US House Panel to Consider Formalizing Trump Impeachment Probe

Elizabeth Warren Vows To Fight For LGBTQ Equality In Surprise DragCon Video

Elizabeth Warren endorses 2 liberal House candidates challenging Democrat incumbents

Bernie Sanders holds campaign rally in Denver

Mark Sanford: Trump's 'lost touch' with his voters

2020 Democrats embrace mandatory buybacks of assault weapons

Trump calls GOP challengers 'laughingstock' publicity seekers

'It's absolute, undemocratic BS': Controversy after SC GOP forgoes 2020 primary

Presidential hopefuls aim to get messages across at NH Democratic convention

Trump Says He Could Meet with Iranian President Rouhani

Presidential candidates descend on Texas ahead of Thursday debate

Trump claims he'll release 'extremely complete' financial details

Monday, September 09, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Monday September 9 2019

NDP election campaign kicks off, unveiling tour bus and headquarters

Former PQ minister Réjean Hébert to run with Liberals in the Longueuil Saint-Hubert riding

NDP election campaign kicks off, unveiling tour bus and headquarters

Russian election-meddling in Canada linked to Arctic ambitions: report

NDP's Singh promises $73 million for Quebec labour shortage if elected PM

American 2020 Election News Monday September 9 2019

Trump tariff trade wars could raise prices of cheese, wine, meat, pasta, olive oil

Trump's campaign manager says the Trump family will become 'a dynasty that will last for decades,' creating a 'new' Republican Party

Andrew Yang Rides Wave of Support at Costa Mesa Event for Asian American and Pacific Islander Voters

Warren Gains on Biden in Perceived Electability in CBS Poll

DNC amassing huge 2020 research trove against Trump: report

Amy Klobuchar slams Trump for 'conducting foreign policy like a game show'

Donald Trump To Attend GOP Retreat In Baltimore, City He Called ‘Disgusting’

Billionaire Tom Steyer clears hurdle to join U.S. Democratic debate in October

Sen. Kamala Harris: ‘I have held more mothers of homicide victims than I can care to tell you’

Trump’s planned Camp David retreat with the Taliban draws flak from all sides

CloseUp: Harris explains ‘Medicare for All’ position

CloseUp: Klobuchar details rural plan for NH

After White House bid, back to NYC? Mayor's zeal questioned

Essence/Black Women’s Roundtable poll shows black women undecided

Kamala Harris Apologizes After Appearing to Laugh at Anti-Disability Slur

Biden remains dominant over Dems nationwide, but early state poll shows stiff competition

CA GOP Opens Pathway for 2020 Delegates in Case Trump Is Kept Off the State’s Primary Ballot

Ex-SC Gov. Sanford adds name to GOP long shots against Trump

Thursday, September 05, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Thursday September 5 2019

Too early to count NDP out of election, says prof

Bernier walks back 'mentally unstable' attack on Greta Thunberg - then calls activist a 'pawn'

Feds earmark up to $2.9M to protect at-risk aquatic species in southern Prairies

'Brace yourself Canada': Nanos on where party support stands across country

Young families are top of mind for Andrew Scheer

Elizabeth May says there's 'no room' for racism in Green Party after NDP defector's comments

Ex-Liberal candidate Guillet says Liberals knew about social media posts before ousting him

Federal government commits $57M for national strategy to combat human trafficking

Dominic Barton named Canada's next ambassador to China

American 2020 Election News Thursday September 5 2019

Rep. Susan Davis is latest Democrat not seeking reelection

President Trump Displays Altered Hurricane Dorian Forecast Chart Showing It Was Expected to Hit Alabama

Facebook ads underscore Trump's mixed messages on guns

Biden defends ties to former fossil fuel executive at climate forum

President clings to idea Alabama faced big threat from Hurricane Dorian

Amy Klobuchar Backs Moderate Approach to Climate Change

O'Rourke calls on Trump to grant protected status to migrants fleeing Dorian damage

President Trump announces grants to fight opioid abuse

Kamala Harris says she would eliminate the filibuster to pass Green New Deal

Trump seizing billions of taxpayer dollars for wall he said Mexico would fund

Kamala Harris Invokes Wildfires, Says Polluters Should Be Taken to Court

Can Democrats win back Wisconsin in 2020?

Kamala Harris Says She’d End The Filibuster To Pass Green New Deal

Andrew Yang Says Economic Incentives Are Crucial for Climate Action

Mayor De Blasio Defends Being In City Hall Just 11 Hours In May: ‘You Just Make Choices’

Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner won't seek reelection next year

2020 Democratic candidates turn focus to climate change