Monday, October 21, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Monday October 21 2019

Four federal leaders spend last day of campaign in battleground B.C.

Candidates in Halifax make final campaigning efforts

Trudeau, Scheer slam Blanchet’s Quebec sovereignty comment on last day of campaign

As election day nears Fredericton candidates find themselves in tight race

Scheer says he’s proud of Conservative Party’s work as campaign winds down

Scheer, Trudeau warn voting Bloc will lead to another Quebec independence referendum

The NDP holds most of Vancouver Island, but Greens and Tories see blood in the water

Trudeau pitches to B.C. voters on final day of campaign before election

Coalition and minority government: What strategists say their party would do

Tories have slight lead in popular support, but it may not be enough: Ipsos poll

Do you need ID to vote? Seven things to know about voting

Jagmeet Singh says minority governments ‘are a good thing’ in final push for votes in B.C.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh appealing to young voters on eve of election

Green Leader Elizabeth May promises electoral reform, lowering voting age to 16

'So much power': 18-37 year-olds make up largest voting bloc in 2019 election, group says

NDP asks Elections Canada to provide special ballots for evacuees in Manitoba

Why the Bloc Québécois came back from the dead to haunt the Liberals

In 2019, Justin Trudeau has baggage - and faces a very different political landscape

Trudeau defends record on Indigenous issues, as stump speech mentions are brief

Election platforms promise plenty for current, and future, transit users

American 2020 Election News Monday October 21 2019

Warren says she’ll release ‘plan’ to pay for Medicare for All

Warren says making Israel aid conditional on settlement building is 'on the table'

Trump says his Doral resort will no longer host G7 summit after criticism

Biden Calls Attention To Chicago Teachers’ Strike At New York Teacher Union Day Address

Trump lashes out at Pelosi as she visits Jordan to discuss Syria

Gabbard, in defiant video, links Clinton 'smears' to her previous Sanders endorsement

Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar continue criticizing Warren over Medicare-for-All

Friday, October 18, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Friday October 18 2019

Scheer in N.S., promises carbon tax will be history by January if he gets majority

Is the 2019 election Canada's 'nastiest' ever? Not by a long shot

Federal NDP and Greens trade barbs on Vancouver Island

Bloc Quebecois poised to make gains on election day: polls

Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh first to respond to Premier Dwight Ball

Election day is on Monday. Here’s what you need to know about voting

John Tory sees ‘shortcomings’ in Andrew Scheer’s policies for cities

NDP Brampton-Centre candidate apologizes for offensive tweet from 2012

Andrew Scheer says he should be PM if Conservatives win the most seats. It’s not that simple

Trudeau sidesteps questions about Obama, pleads for progressive votes in Quebec

Scheer promising carbon tax will be history by January if he gets majority

Liberals defend Chines

Scheer says Trudeau and the Liberals want to decriminalize drugs. Is that true?

Elections Canada creates 'mega-polling station' for Manitoba storm evacuees

Canada needs an infrastructure overhaul. Can any federal party get it done?

Bloc Québécois leader calls on feds to let exiled Catalan leader enter Canada

Scheer says 'modern convention' means Trudeau must quit if he doesn't win the most seats

American 2020 Election News Friday October 18 2019

Trump praised Erdogan for a cease-fire in Syria that Turkey says is 'not a cease-fire'

Presidential candidate Joe Biden makes plan for campaign stop in North Carolina

White House: US military aid to Ukraine held up in part over election probe

Trump unhappy with Mulvaney's press briefing in which he acknowledged quid pro quo, source says

President Donald Trump Lashes Out At Democrats During Dallas ‘Keep America Great’ Rally

Trump imagines easier 2020 win by popular vote

Trump accuses Biden of 'quid pro quo' hours after Mulvaney remarks

Trump blasts 'crazy' Nancy Pelosi, Democrats at raucous Dallas rally

Lindsey Graham to President Trump: `I will hold you accountable' on Turkey's actions in Syria

Trump slams 'very dumb' O'Rourke for proposals on guns, tax exempt status for churches

US picks Trump resort for G-7; critics call choice ‘brazen’

Trump defends Middle East policy, says Islamic State is under control

Trump 'celebrating undoing a problem he created'

Biden Lays Out Foreign Policy Strategy in Rebuke of Trump

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Thursday October 17 2019

Obama Backs Trudeau in Unprecedented Endorsement

Winnipeg Centre Liberal candidate raps NDP rival over Facebook post calling Catholics complicit in sex crimes

Premier Ford says he won't be drawn into federal election campaign

The Bloc Quebecois plan that would ruin Alberta

Jody Wilson-Raybould says independent candidacy offers ‘opportunity’

Singh puts Concordia ER on federal election map

Election campaign marked by ‘unhealthy’ polarization, and it may be about to get worse

Green Party kicks out Edmonton Strathcona candidate after he endorses NDP

N.B. premier critical of Trudeau comments on abortion service

Federal election 2019: Where the parties stand on housing

Trudeau acknowledges Tories could win, accuses them of running 'dirtiest' campaign ever

Vancouver mayor says Scheer government would be ‘worse than Stephen Harper’

Green Leader Elizabeth May predicts Canadians will elect a minority government

North Vancouver Green candidate stunned after finding damage to campaign office

Bloc leader already talking about defeating minority governments, blocking bills

Blaikie, Toet face off in battle of the incumbents in Elmwood-Transcona

Former Conservative candidate continues campaigning with party's signs

Scheer promises $20,000 fines for politicians who violate ethics laws

Trudeau urged by lawyers to grant ‘Snowden refugees’ asylum in Canada

NDP, Green Party answer request for commitments on Grassy Narrows

Liberals post video of Scheer sitting during ‘O Canada’; Tory leader says they politicized anthem

Elections Canada responds to complaints over Burnaby candidate ousted by Conservatives

American 2020 Election News Thursday October 17 2019

Trump says lawmakers should censure Schiff

Trump tries to distance himself from chaos in Syria as tensions with lawmakers escalate

New Gallup poll shows a majority supports impeaching and removing Trump

Marianne Williamson isn't dropping campaign after rivals' lackluster debate and show of 'faux democracy'

Impeachment probe reveals 'all roads lead to Rudy'

Trump makes at least 12 false claims with Italian President

Joe Biden Tells Trump: ‘Release Your Tax Returns Or Shut Up’

Trump’s bizarre, threatening letter to Erdoğan: ‘Don’t be a fool’

Biden ramps up attacks on Warren, dismisses her as a fellow front-runner

Biden’s stumbles create an opening in the moderate lane

Trump warns of 'devastating' sanctions if U.S.-Turkey meeting fails

Trump calls Mattis ‘the world’s most overrated general’ in meeting on Syria

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Wednesday October 16 2019

Election 2019: All five Surrey ridings could be see-saw election battlegrounds

Liberal appeal for strategic votes in B.C. Interior is 'fear-mongering,' Green candidate says

NDP’s Singh, Angus hit with defamation claim over N.B. defection remarks; party pushes back

Trudeau jokingly tells crying baby: 'You're just jealous of my eyebrows'

Four Green nominees in Quebec made Islamophobic comments, party says

Trudeau, Singh jockey for 'progressive' votes while Scheer fights in Quebec

Bloc Québécois leader campaigns in Quebec City area, eyes Tory and Liberal ridings

Seamus O'Regan back campaigning after time off for family reasons

Trudeau vows to 'ensure' New Brunswick funds abortions at private clinics

Federal party leaders address election's negativity, divisiveness

Trudeau digs for NDP, Green votes, issues dire warning about 'Conservative cuts'

Advance voter turnout significantly higher than 2015: Elections Canada

Scheer touts '100 Day Action Plan' as he asks voters for a Conservative majority

American 2020 Election News Wednesday October 16 2019

Marianne Williamson isn't on the debate stage but reminded people she's still running

Booker on reproductive rights: 'Women should not be the only ones taking up this fight'

Booker: 'So offensive' that Biden has to defend himself against Trump attacks on debate stage

Sanders: 'Damn right we will' have a job for every American

Elizabeth Warren dodges questions on middle-class tax hikes under ‘Medicare for All’

Biden defends Hunter: ‘My son did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong.’

Andrew Yang turns question on Trump impeachment into a slam against Amazon for hurting retailers

Trump's widening circle in Ukraine scheme

Trump campaign, RNC raised over $125M over last 3 months

Elizabeth Warren under attack in Democratic debate

Trump's Erratic Moves Hamper the White House's Impeachment Defense

Joe Biden reportedly had a 'contentious' confrontation with Univision's Jorge Ramos after the last debate

Trump invites congressional leaders to meeting on Turkey

Monday, October 14, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Monday October 14 2019

Conservatives will focus on 'key domestic priorities' with cuts to foreign aid, says O'Toole

Federal election: Bloc Quebecois prepared to play spoiler in South Shore swing riding

Singh says NDP would form coalition with the Liberals to stop Tories

Trudeau took 'unprecedented' step by wearing bulletproof vest: RCMP sources

Trudeau says threat to his safety comes at time of online polarization and hate

NDP's Jagmeet Singh kicks off final week of campaigning with advance vote in Burnaby South

Singh speaks out against strategic voting, says to ‘never settle for less’

Bloc popularity could determine whether Canadians get a majority government: strategists

The Green Party deputy leader says Extinction Rebellion actions are necessary

Introducing ‘Angry Andrew’: what’s behind the Conservative leader’s change in tone

Scheer on the Ford factor, cutting spending and why the Conservatives aren’t pitching national pharmacare

NDP candidate's fight in Quebec could signal party's future in the province

Where the party leaders are on Day 33 of the federal election

Olympian van Koeverden seeks political gold in Lisa Raitt's Ontario riding

American 2020 Election News Monday October 14 2019

Trump hits Fox News' Chris Wallace over Ukraine coverage

Hunter Biden to step down from Chinese board

Joe Biden: No Family Members Would ‘Have An Office’ In My White House

Trump called for Romney's impeachment in tweet, but could that actually happen? A look back in time

Bernie Sanders unfazed by ringing phone interrupting Skype call at union candidate forum

Bidens speak out on Trump’s accusations and U.S. ambassador set to testify on Capitol Hill

Trump defends Giuliani in tweet after report of federal probe

Elizabeth Warren Ramps Up Battle With Facebook

Democrats dine before Tuesday’s debate in Westerville

Trump warns Democrats will lose House seats over impeachment

2020 Dems critical of police shooting of woman in her home

Biden camp rips New York Times

Bernie Sanders differentiates himself from Warren, says he's the only candidate willing to stand up to corporate elite

Elizabeth Warren escalates Facebook ad feud

Friday, October 11, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Friday October 11 2019

Trudeau tells Blanchet he can't do anything on climate change while leading a regional party

Bloc Québécois leader issues apology over candidates’ social media posts

How will Canada’s next government handle Indigenous issues?

Canada’s election has been ‘largely clean’ of misinformation, research shows

Tory candidate says he apologized for letter urging people to dress ‘more modestly’ to avoid rape

Federal party platforms risk driving home prices further out of millennials’ reach, warns expert

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh begins to lay out minority scenario priorities

Tories pledge help for adoptive parents with extra EI leave, expanded tax credit

People's Party won't take action against N.S. candidate who called Islam 'pure evil'

People's Party candidate suggests he didn't deceive former Manitoba premier who signed his nomination papers

American 2020 Election News Friday October 11 2019

Trump joins video streaming platform Twitch for re-election campaign

Trump belittles Bidens at Minneapolis rally amid Dems' impeachment push, tussle over arena security costs

Trump Says Ukraine President's Comment Absolves Him of Wrongdoing

Trump says he 'doesn't know' Giuliani's Ukrainian associates. Here's what we do know

Bernie Sanders: I'm ready 'to go full blast' following heart attack

Trump says Gowdy can't join his legal team 'for a couple months'

VP Mike Pence Visits Lakeville’s Safety Signs Ahead Of Rally Appearance

Pres. Trump says he won’t be accept anything less than a ‘big’ China trade deal — but it’s unlikely

Trump's Adult Children do Business Overseas as President Slams Biden

Trump says he hopes he can mediate between Turkey and the Kurds

Sanders opens up about heart attack in attempt to assuage health concerns

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Thursday October 10 2019

Election 2019: The curious story of "independently" not-Conservative candidate Heather Leung

Trudeau attempts to rewrite history on SNC-Lavalin

Liberal Seamus O’Regan taking break from campaign trail due to father’s health

Liberal candidate apologizes for suggesting black Canadians 'love' Trudeau for wearing blackface

Advance voting starts Friday, runs through the Thanksgiving weekend

Election has record number of Indigenous candidates, First Nations swing votes, AFN says

NDP, Bloc get post-debate boost but Liberals, Conservatives still tied: poll

Green leader highlights pledge to tax major internet companies in Montreal

Trudeau says Canadians not worried about national unity as Bloc sees resurgence

Singh's popularity soars, but party fails to follow suit: Nanos

Scheer vows to stop illegal border crossings, prioritize economic immigration

Scheer vows to close asylum ‘loophole’, unveils immigration plan at Roxham Road

American 2020 Election News Thursday October 10 2019

Kamala Harris comes up short as Feinstein endorses Biden

Trump legal team welcomes former Rep. Trey Gowdy

Donald Trump says Kurds ‘didn’t help us with Normandy’ – video

Beto O’Rourke To Hold Competing Rally Against President Trump’s In North Texas Next Week

Bernie Sanders Says Campaign Acted Appropriately With Heart Attack News

Bernie Sanders says he misspoke when he said campaign would slow its pace

Trump warns McConnell about disloyal Republicans

Pence says he’s working to release transcripts of his calls with Ukraine leader

Biden interrupted at New Hampshire campaign stop by climate change activists

Trump Predicts Impeachment Fight Will Go to Supreme Court

Biden, Warren in dead heat in poll average

Trump signs executive orders focused on agency guidance

Elizabeth Warren’s Threat to the Constitution

Trump Calls on Supreme Court to Strike Down Dreamers Program

Trump’s broad claims of executive immunity lead to criticism that he’s acting above the law

Trump Defends Wife Of U.S. Diplomat Suspected In Death Of British Teen

Trump’s Decision To Abandon Syria’s Kurds Met With Immediate Broad Condemnation

Biden unveils education plan that includes free community college, expanded loan programs

Trump again questions why whistleblower should be protected

Bennet shares stories of family with NH voters

Biden says Trump has 'betrayed nation, committed impeachable acts'

Trump asked Tillerson to interfere in DOJ case against Giuliani client: report

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Wednesday October 9 2019

Trudeau, Ford and the complicated politics of transit in Toronto

Winnipeg North PPC candidate ends run for 'racist, intolerant' party

Federal Election candidates running in the Ajax riding

Liberals and Conservatives agree: Ford is a liability for the federal Conservatives in Ontario

Trudeau pitches climate change plan during Arctic visit

Controversial candidate clarifies she's an Independent – despite what ballots say

Bloc Quebecois leader says secularism taking up too much space in federal campaign

If Trudeau or Scheer wins, here is what to expect from your new government

Scheer promises to fund Toronto’s Ontario Line subway

Former Green Party candidate calls ousting an ‘attack’ on her ‘religious freedom’

Singh says he'd 'have to' look at Bill 21 as PM if it goes to Supreme Court

American 2020 Election News Wednesday October 9 2019

Bernie Sanders to slow 2020 election campaign after heart attack

Pelosi hits back at Trump over letter: 'Only the latest attempt to cover up his betrayal of our democracy'

White House Says It Won’t Cooperate With Impeachment Inquiry Citing ‘Lasting Institutional Harm’

Trump directed Perry, State Dept. officials to talk to Giuliani on Ukraine: report

White House refusal to allow ambassador to testify amps up impeachment battle

Trump: Immigrants must prove they won’t burden US healthcare system

Trump’s 2016 campaign was run on a shoestring. His reelection machine is huge - and armed with consultants.

A federal judge ordered Trump to turn over 8 years of his tax returns to New York prosecutors

Escalation: Trump response to impeachment probe courts ‘constitutional crisis’

Dianne Feinstein endorses Joe Biden's presidential bid in snub to Kamala Harris

‘There’s nothing discernible to show Biden’s been punched in the nose’

Trump’s Big Ad Buy Has Democrats Spooked

Elizabeth Warren Is Right. In The 1970s, Pregnant Teachers Didn’t Keep Their Jobs.

Bloomberg: GOP asks Trump not to blindside them on impeachment fight

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Tuesday October 8 2019

Bernier challenged over ‘extreme multiculturalism’ tweet during leaders’ debate

Scheer calls Trudeau a 'fraud' as English debate kicks off

'A tight race:' a look at the polls in Quebec

Federal leaders trade barbs on immigration, SNC-Lavalin, climate change in debate

Insults, accusations fly ahead of tonight's federal leaders' debate

Right-wing outlets win legal battle to attend the leaders' debate

Liberals, Conservatives neck-and-neck in 'almost every single age group': Nanos

Sask. NDP candidate wants national leaders debate to be translated into Dene, Michif

Liberals aren't setting aside enough cash yet for pharmacare, says advisory panel chair

Canada’s history should be celebrated, not erased by ‘political correctness,’ Scheer says

Early voting underway at 3 post-secondary schools in Calgary

Liberals step up attacks with 2 weeks left, but Conservative campaign most negative, data shows

Green Party drops anti-abortion candidate in Ontario riding

Tories, Grits plan to designate new national museum in Regina, if elected

American 2020 Election News Tuesday October 8 2019

Mitch McConnell rebukes Donald Trump's plan to pull US troops out of northern Syria

Trump On Turkey: ‘I Have A Little Conflict Of Interest ... It’s Called Trump Towers’

President Trump signs US-Japan trade deal that will help benefit farmers

Trump says Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi committed ‘Treason’ and should be ‘impeached’

Trump’s ‘Milli Vanilli’ defense: Blame it on Rick Perry; Perry Don’t Mind

Sanders heart attack casts cloud over his candidacy

Trump’s plan to pull troops back in Syria threatens chaos in the region, sparks GOP revolt

Support for Trump’s impeachment higher than Nixon, Clinton

Trump Defends Decision to Pull U.S. Forces From Syria

Williamson discusses stress of campaign with voters in 'Candidate Café'

Marianne Williamson makes her pitch to New Hampshire voters

'Disaster', 'a betrayal': Republicans slam Trump's Syria decision

Monday, October 07, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Monday October 7 2019

Election sign graffiti in Dollard being investigated by police

Scheer keeping platform and costs secret, Trudeau says

For Liberal and Tory voters, ‘it’s two worlds out there. Two Canadas’

The 'dos & don'ts' of federal leader debates

Trudeau says offensive posts made by N.S. candidate ‘unacceptable,’ but will allow him to run

Trudeau criticizes Conservatives for not releasing platform as leaders prepare for debate

Conservatives announce fisheries plan at events in Atlantic Canada

It's Debate Week: Will it shake up the campaign?

Trudeau attacks Tories for not releasing platform as leaders prepare for debate

How the Bloc Quebecois hopes to cash in on sovereigntists' collective guilt

Scheer's claim about penalties for violent gang crime 'extremely misleading,' says lawyer

Federal party leaders head to Ottawa ahead of Monday’s debate

American 2020 Election News Monday October 7 2019

Trump's border wall: A broken promise, a second term, or both?

Trump associates pressured Ukraine over gas firm in order to benefit allies: report

AP sources: As Pres. Trump urged Ukraine to investigate rival, Giuliani’s associates looked to profit

2020 Candidate Conversations: Off Script With Beto O'Rourke

Looks like Joe Biden may be losing some 2020 steam

Trump told Republicans he doesn't want impeachment on his 'resume': report

2020 Democrats Demand Answers In Botham Jean Witness Death: ‘Horrific’

Bernie Sanders and the 2020 age debate

White House dismisses news of second whistleblower: Trump 'has done nothing wrong'

Friday, October 04, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Friday October 4 2019

Rise of Canada Separatist Leader Poses Electoral Challenge for PM Trudeau

2 PPC candidates tweet cartoon of Jagmeet Singh wearing turban with bomb on it

Local candidates clash over environmental policy

Liberals remove campaign video from Facebook that featured Julie Payette

Carbon offset? Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer trade barbs over climate impact of campaign jets

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is a dual Canadian-U.S. citizen

Jagmeet Singh met 5 undecided Canadian voters. Here's what happened

Scheer on his dual Canadian-U.S. citizenship: 'I've never been asked about it'

Bloc Québécois blasted for urging voters to support candidates ‘qui vous ressemblent’

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is a dual Canada-U.S. citizen

Green Leader Elizabeth May losing respect for NDP's Singh over 'fake stories'

White, male and mainstream: A look at the Edmonton candidates for the 2019 election

Scheer says he is personally against abortion, but would not reopen debate

Liberals would look at amending physician-assisted dying law

Canada election: What federal leaders have pledged on immigration

Fewer women running in federal election on P.E.I.

American 2020 Election News Friday October 4 2019

Biden raises middling $15.2M in 3rd quarter for 2020 bid

Trump White House dares Pelosi to hold impeachment inquiry vote: report

Trump Calls on China as Impeachment Inquiry Launched

New York Times: Trump envoys pressed Ukraine to commit to investigate US political rivals

Trump expands private options under Medicare

Trump Brought Up Biden, Warren In A Call With Chinese President: Report

Elizabeth Warren Hilariously Trolls Political Smear Calling Her A ‘Cougar’

Kamala Harris Teams Up With Maxine Waters On $13 Billion Plan To End Homelessness

Trump Woos Seniors with Order to Boost Medicare Health Program

Pence was told about call between Trump and Zelensky the day after it happened

Presidential candidates call for innovation to improve US economy

Donald Trump uses ‘bully pulpit’ to solicit dirt on political opponent

Trump Suggests Starting Media Network to 'Put Some Real News Out There'

Amy Klobuchar Wants To Know If There Was A ‘Third Cover-Up’ Of Trump’s Ukraine Call

Mike Pence Fully Backs Asking Foreign Leaders To Go After Biden

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Thursday October 3 2019

Four federal party leaders square off in French-language debate

Trudeau's municipal handgun ban promise leaves key questions unanswered

Federal leaders continue to miss Regina on Sask. visits

Elections Canada website could be ‘vulnerable’ to cyberattack: RMC professor

Elizabeth May met 5 undecided Canadian voters. Here's what happened

Conservative MP uses campaign flyer to spread falsehoods about ‘fake refugees’

NDP candidate missing from Regina-Lewvan event because of injury

Jagmeet Singh confronted by man who told him to 'cut off' turban

Conservatives pledge to stop release of raw sewage into waterways

American 2020 Election News Thursday October 3 2019

Trump sought to use new allies in debunking Russia investigation

2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates Talk Gun Safety at Las Vegas Forum

Pence’s Team Is Trying To Distance Itself From The Ukraine Scandal

Trump's Ukraine mess leads to anxiety in Pence world

Andrew Yang puts other Dems to shame with big cash haul

Temperamental Trump blows his top over impeachment inquiry

Sen. Sanders suffers health scare in Nevada, suspends campaign appearances

Kamala Harris: Trump's 'trying to intimidate' whistleblower

Sanders undergoes heart procedure

Andrew Yang on how universal basic income could help address gun violence

Sen. Klobuchar: Kids don't have to accept gun violence as their reality

Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Wednesday October 2 2019

NDP gains momentum in city

Election campaign puts brakes on voter engagement

Election 2019: Liberals and NDP lose support in key swing ridings, Conservatives gain, says new poll

Andrew Scheer's claim about foreign aid deemed false

Andrew Scheer met 5 undecided Canadian voters. Here's what happened

At Trudeau event, Toronto-area mayors say Liberal firearms policy doesn't go far enough

Scheer promises to slash foreign aid spending by 25 per cent

Why Andrew Scheer would be a dangerous prime minister

Andrew Scheer completed one of four insurance broker courses, industry association says

Scheer damaged Speaker’s office by re-entering partisan politics, May alleges

American 2020 Election News Wednesday October 2 2019

Judge Temporarily Blocks Law Aimed At Trump’s Tax Returns

Top Dem Maxine Waters: impeach Trump, he belongs in solitary confinement

Trump blasts Dem impeachment push as a 'coup,' claims it is 'intended to take away the power of the people'

Poll: 40 percent of Republicans say Trump 'probably' mentioned Biden on Ukraine call

Elizabeth Warren's husband explains how their dog, Bailey, sent him to the ER

The Trump impeachment effort will be different from all the others

Warren campaign hires Michigan state director

New York Times: Trump suggested shooting migrants in the legs

Trump Wanted to Fortify Border by Shooting Migrants in Legs, Building Snake-Filled Moat: New York Times

Biden, Warren in dead heat in New Hampshire: poll

Trump's false theory that whistleblower requirements changed just before the complaint over his Ukraine call got shut down by the intelligence watchdog

Trump Campaign and R.N.C. Raise $125 Million in Third Quarter

Sanford, other GOP Trump challengers slow to raise money for primary

Democrats warn GOP, Trump putting whistleblower safety at risk

Trump’s reelection campaign cashes in on impeachment woes

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Canadian 2019 Election News Tuesday October 1 2019

NDP commits to $10B over four years to create half a million new child care spaces

Scheer says it's Conservatives, not the Liberals, who are 'compassionate'

Andrew Scheer's experience in the insurance industry: '6 or 7 months'

Election 2019: Candidates target violence after latest Surrey shooting

Liberals, Conservatives, NDP and Greens have candidates running in every riding

Justin Trudeau met 5 undecided Canadian voters. Here's what happened

Quebec Conservative candidate says Scheer should have attended a climate rally

ANALYSIS: Ontario’s unpopular premier could be the deciding factor for GTA voters

Election 2019: Voter information cards are in the mail

Leaders focus on gun violence, deficit spending, child care at campaign stops in Vancouver, Toronto

Scheer promises Tories would improve access to disability tax credit

Scheer says Conservatives would support legislation to protect LGBTQ Canadians

American 2020 Election News Tuesday October 1 2019

Trump lawyers tell judge House Democrats can't sue for his tax returns

Amy Klobuchar: This is 'a global Watergate'

Trump admin targeting Clinton email in midst of impeachment push

Trump may have lied to Mueller, House Democrats say

Trump Allies Giuliani, Pompeo, Barr Drawn Into Impeachment Focus

Giuliani Subpoenaed by House Democrats in Impeachment Inquiry

Trump: Adam Schiff ‘made up my words’

Trump Suggests Schiff’s ‘Parody’ of Transcript Could Warrant ‘Arrest for Treason’

Trump Running Thousands Of Ads About Impeachment On Facebook

Kamala Harris shakes up flailing campaign

Trump’s ‘Civil War’ Tweet May Be Grounds For Impeachment: Harvard Law Professor

Poll: Large majorities of black, Hispanic voters say Trump has been bad for them

Trump contacted foreign officials over probe of Russia inquiry origins: Justice Department

President Trump Coming To Dallas For ‘Keep America Great’ Rally

Biden’s dilemma: Navigating Trump’s no-holds-barred style

Trump sought Australia’s help on Russia probe origins